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The growth of global immunisation


The growth of global immunisation

Revision Presentation Unit 3 – Part 1


Too rich for its own good


Too rich for its own good

Australian Aid – Rising Hope


Most Australians are aware that we provide aid to foreign countries but most of us do not know how that aid is distributed, who gets it or how it is used. In a special presentation documentary, presenter Pip Russell travels to some of the most remote and desperately poor parts of Cambodia to meet the people who benefit from our support.


Shot in the northern province of Ratanakiri along the border with Vietnam and in the southern region of Koh Kong, Pip visits remote villages to witness first hand the Australian supported aid agencies, remarkable efforts as they work at raising the standards of health, education and wellbeing.

To watch documentary – Australian Aid click here.

Go Daniel!


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Millenium Development Goals – Progress towards 2015 – from the UN.


Paul Pholeros: How to reduce poverty? Fix homes | Video on


Good insight to factors effecting the health and development of many communities in developing countries.

Nutrient – Quiz


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